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Middle East, India, China (Incl. Hong Kong, Taiwan,)Thailand, Vietnam Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia,Philippines,Mexico 


Stathis Mourdoukoutas (Greece 1978) is an Athenian based Film Director and Cinematographer. He studied multimedia, but very soon his passion about high aesthetic image, stole his heart and studied film in NYFA. As a director he has created numerous, commercials and music videos. From 2010 till 2016 he has been a member of the directorial team "the cOre" and has served as a "CEO" of Filmiki productions, one of the most notable production companies in Greece. He has collaborated with advertising agencies for the production of creative TV commercials and Web campaigns such as "You in Greece" for the GNTO

as well as with companies for the conception and production of effective ideas. Because of his background as an editor he is obsessed by quick fire edititng style. Especially in the case of music videos, he prefers to capture, at first, a host of short, disparate bursts of surrealistic moments that he then develops and weaves in an imaginative narration (a narration that works on a different more abstract level, but retains a meaning directly associated with the lyrics, the deeper meaning, or the emotions of each song). Most of his commercial spots and music videos have been premiered or posted, in digital magazines and blogs such as,












"Akin" is his first effort in the "world" of short films and a harbinger of his first feature film, which is at the first stage of development.

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